Other books by Gillian McClure:

The Land of the Dragon King and Other Korean Stories ISBN 978-1-84507-805-8

Tom Finger ISBN 0-7475-5596-6

Mario’s Angels ISBN 1-84507-404-1 Author Mary Arrigan

Bruna ISBN 0-7475-6495-7 Author Anne Cottringer

Books by Gillian McClure in The Seven Stories Children’s Book Centre archive:

Tog the Ribber ISBN 0-233-97711-2 Author Paul Coltman — Highly Commended in the Kate Greenaway Award and short-listed for the Smarties Award

Witch Watch ISBN 0-233-98357-0 Author Paul Coltman

Tinker Jim ISBN 0-590-54025-4 Author Paul Coltman — short-listed for the Smarties Award

The Little White Hen ISBN 0-590-54208-7 Author Philippa Pearce


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